State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company: Communities Have Equipped “Eyes of the Electric Data”, “Cloud” Services are Guarding the Elderly Living Alone

HANGZHOU, China–()–In recent years, State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company has been committed to the application of electric power big data and proposes to build a win-win energy internet ecosystem in the whole society. Since 2019, it has been providing a “smart nanny” for the elderly living alone, using electric power data analysis technology, and up to now, the innovative service has been spreading in China.

Population aging has become a common concern in both developed and developing countries, and traditional family pensions are facing challenges. A study shows Hangzhou is one of the cities with the highest levels of aging in China. Since 2019, the State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company has been empowering social pension services with digital reform, launching the action of “the Elderly Living Alone Should Be Loved”. The service is offered through existing smart meters and acquisition devices to build relevant analytical models using big data mining techniques, machine learning and deep learning technologies to act as a “smart nanny” for the elderly living alone. Now, it benefits over 2,000 homes of elderly people living alone in Hangzhou and has been spread in other provinces in China.

“Nowadays, there is a smart meter in every household, and the data has high volume, accuracy, and real-time characteristics,” Ma Di, an expert in electric metering and acquisition, one of the founders of the action “the Elderly Living Alone Should Be Loved”, from State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company, said. “During community visits, we found that as the value of data becomes more and more important, smart meters are very effective for dynamic monitoring of abnormal fluctuations in electricity consumption of the elderly, and this work has been recognized by community staff. Therefore, we took the lead in the power cloud computing service module for the elderly living alone. Especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, it can act as a ‘smart nanny’ for the elderly.”

“In the long run, the integrated analysis and panoramic application of massive energy data will build a new industrial ecology, optimize services for the society and people’s livelihood, and support smart city management.” Facing the prospects, Ma Di is full of confidence.

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