About US

About Us

SurgeZirc France is a global multimedia blogging company, that publishes news, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and technology. We’re passionate about the stories we tell through text, pictures, and videos. We also understand the dynamics of publishing news and events in France, and we’ve strategically positioned to effectively deepen the obsession our informed readers have for reading news on the internet.

Next to our hearts at SurgeZirc France:

(1) Telling the real stories to the real community (2) Shunning every element of fake-news (3) Acting on readers feedback (4) Say-it-as-it-is no matter who’s involved (5) Unapologetically publishing real entertaining contents.


Founded in August 2020, SurgeZirc France is one of six global editions, SurgeZirc UK ‘United Kingdom’ SurgeZirc US ‘United States’ SurgeZirc SA ‘South Africa’ SurgeZirc India and SurgeZirc Nigeria. It is a member of SurgeZirc Media.

Interested in working with SurgeZirc France? ..here’s how.

We’re entrepreneurial. We believe in working with both small and mega partners in pursuing credible goals that can make a difference. SurgeZirc France provides many opportunities for working with industries both in the advertising and promotion of contents to rich a wider number. There’s power in number and the wider the better. Let’s work through the risks together and celebrate the targeted success together too.

If you have decided to work with us in any aspect that you have deemed necessary, all you have to do is visit Contact Us page on our website and forward a mail to the actual department you wish to hear from. Kindly note that we do not welcome visitors at our offices without printed evidence of the appointment.

Wondering how to get in touch with us on issues bordering you? Worry no more, and…just do this.

SurgeZirc France has structured its operations in a way that every user of the site can get a response for any part of what we do that is not clear to them. All that needs to be done is send a mail stating clearly what you wish to get clarity on, our dedicated 24/7 online support staff will respond. Ensure that the mail is sent to the appropriate channel. e.g, Sending advertising mail to editors will lead to no reply to such mail.

Our social media hooks…

Twitter … @surgezircfrance

Facebook … Facebook.com/surgezircfrance/

Linkedin … linkedin.com/company/surgezircfrance