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Sony Said It’s Launching The PS5 In India On February 2nd

Sony Said It Launching The PS5 In India On February 2nd - SurgeZirc France
Sony Said It's Launching The PS5 In India On February 2nd / Photo credit: Sony

PlayStation gamers in India will finally have the chance to get their hands on a PS5 within a few weeks’ time. The official PlayStation India Twitter account has announced that Sony’s new console will be available in the country on February 2nd. Retailers selling the device, including Amazon, Flipkart and other partners, will start accepting pre-orders on January 12th.

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As TechCrunch suggests, the launch could indicate an improvement in Sony’s supply chain, allowing the tech giant to release the console in a new region. Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO, confirmed shortly after the PS5’s US debut that the device is completely sold out.

He said the shortage would’ve happened regardless of COVID-19, but that the biggest issue caused by the pandemic was in pre-production due to travel and other restrictions. “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold… I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand,” he revealed.

PlayStation India also announced on Twitter back in November that Sony didn’t have a release date for the country yet, because availability for each region is subject to “local import regulations” among other things.

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Fans may want to check out the pre-order’s timing details from any of the participating retailers before January 12th, seeing as the console sold out in the US and other countries within minutes of pre-orders going live. According to an old tweet by PS India, the PS5 will cost buyers IDR 49,990 (US$684), while the digital edition will set them back IDR 39,990 (US$548).

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