Nora Hamzawi Slams The Release Of Jacques Doillon’s Film ‘CE2’

Despite the accusations, CE2's producer, Bruno Pesery, has decided to proceed with the film's release as scheduled.

Nora Hamzawi Slams The Release Of Jacques Doillon's Film 'CE2' - SurgeZirc FR
Nora Hamzawi Slams The Release Of Jacques Doillon's Film 'CE2'.

In recent weeks, the cinema sector has been embroiled in controversy as allegations of misconduct and abuse have surfaced against renowned French filmmaker Jacques Doillon. The release of his latest film, CE2, has become a topic of heated debate, with opinions divided on whether it should proceed as planned.

Actress and comedian Nora Hamzawi, who plays a significant role in the movie, recently expressed her disapproval of the decision to release the film despite the allegations against Doillon.

In a thought-provoking Instagram post, she highlighted the importance of supporting women’s voices and condemned what she perceived as a disregard for their experiences.

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Doillon is currently facing a complaint filed by Judith Godrèche, accusing him of the rape of a minor. Two other actresses, Anna Mouglalis and Isild le Besco, have also come forward with their accounts of non-consensual actions and violence allegedly perpetrated by the director.

These revelations have added fuel to the fire and intensified the scrutiny surrounding Doillon’s work.

Interestingly, this controversy comes on the heels of another investigation into director Benoît Jacquot, who is also accused of rape by Judith Godrèche. The timing of these allegations has sparked a broader conversation about the treatment of women in the film industry and the need for accountability.

Despite the accusations, CE2’s producer, Bruno Pesery, has decided to proceed with the film’s release as scheduled. In a press release, Pesery acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations but emphasized the importance of separating the film’s production from the legal proceedings.

He argued that altering the release date based on legal developments would be impractical and potentially unfair to the cast and crew.

CE2 tells the story of Claire, a student in the second grade, who faces bullying from two classmates. The film explores the mother’s intervention and the director’s initial failure to grasp the gravity of the situation.

It aims to raise awareness, promote dialogue, and emphasize the need for vigilance in addressing such issues. As the release date approaches, the question remains: will Nora Hamzawi continue to promote the film? At present, no information has been provided on her stance.

It is a complex decision for any actor involved in a project tainted by allegations of misconduct. The delicate balance between supporting the victims and acknowledging the artistic efforts of the entire team is a challenging tightrope to walk.

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