Hayat Boumeddiene Alive? Darmanin Refuses To confirm, But Considers It “Important” To Find Her

Darmanin refuses to confirm that Hayat Boumeddiene is alive/Picture Courtesy: Huffpost

Is Hayat Boumeddiene alive? While the ex-wife of Amédy Coulibaly, author of the Hyper Kosher attack, was given for dead a few months ago, she has finally been targeted by a new anti-terrorism investigation since the end of April. According to AFP, a detainee at the Syrian Al-Hol camp claimed she was still alive in October 2019.

This September 2, according to information from BFMTV, collected from a police source, the ex-wife of the assassin of Clarissa Jean-Philippe in Montrouge would still be alive and would be in the north-west of Syria. She is said to have remarried a foreigner after fleeing one of the camps monitored by the Kurds with 12 other French jihadist women several months ago.

Hayat Boumeddiene is sent back to the assizes for the attacks of January 2015, cited in the trial which begins this Wednesday, September 2 . Absent, she will therefore be subject to an arrest warrant.

Finding Hayat Boumeddien, an “extremely important objective”
Gérald Darmanin, interviewed on France 2 this Wednesday, September 2 on this rumour about Hayat Boumeddiene, refused to confirm that she is alive.

“Some time before the attacks (of 2015), she seems to have left , I mean she seems, I have no specific information”, answers the Minister of the Interior, specifying that she is under the influence of ‘a justice inquiry.

When Caroline Roux asks her again if she is still alive, France’s first cop from France evades her.

“The question is to know if all the means are put by the French State and the international police cooperation to find it and the answer is yes. It is an extremely important objective ”.

He concludes that Hayat Boumeddiene is one of the priority targets monitored and sought by French investigators.

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