Azul 3D Delivers New LAKE Printer to DuPont


SKOKIE, Ill.–()–Azul 3D has delivered its LAKE printer to DuPont Electronics & Industrial, which will use the printer to begin fabricating 3D-printed parts.

DuPont and Azul 3D have collaborated for over a year to prepare the LAKE printer for onsite testing by the DuPont team. As part of the collaboration, DuPont has also invested in Azul 3D, underscoring the potential of the LAKE printer for industrial applications.

The LAKE printer harnesses the power of Azul 3D’s proprietary high-area rapid printing (HARP™) technology, a type of 3D printing that converts liquid plastic into solid objects using ultraviolet light. It can print vertically at speeds of up to 18 inches per hour, giving it throughputs that make additive manufacturing practical for mass production.

Also enabling mass production are Azul 3D’s proprietary resins, which could revolutionize additive manufacturing in the industrial and consumer spaces. Azul 3D chemists developed a customized proprietary resin for DuPont, which will enable complex parts that are not possible with other fabrication methods and material characteristics.

DuPont selected the DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Del. to install the LAKE printer. The DuPont Experimental Station is a science and business development hub, home to scientists and engineers enabling innovation across industries for over 115 years.

“The collaboration with DuPont has been incredibly productive. The shipment of a LAKE printer to DuPont further validates the industrial capabilities of Azul 3D’s technology and materials,” said Cody Petersen, CEO of Azul 3D. “This is just the start of our effort to fully transform mass production in the polymer manufacturing space.”

“Azul 3D’s LAKE printer is an impressive expansion to our capabilities at the DuPont Experimental Station,” said Vere Archibald, site leader, DuPont Experimental Station. “As we further collaborate and begin to explore commercial applications, we are already seeing how it can be a powerful tool for technology development aligned to our purpose of delivering essential innovations to thrive.”


Azul 3DTM is a leading-edge 3D printing company that is transforming the additive manufacturing industry. Initially invented and developed at Northwestern University, HARPTM technology can print 3D structures from a wide palette of materials. The initial printers based upon HARPTM are capable of manufacturing parts at production speeds, regardless of size, with a throughput dramatically outpacing its competitors and becoming competitive with injection molding. Azul 3DTM is enabling manufacturers to transition from prototyping to mass-manufacturing on a single, streamlined production platform. In combination with its suite of proprietary industrial-grade materials, it offers the opportunity for just-in-time mass production of a diverse set of highly customized products.

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