SafeMoon Appoints Video Expert Jonathan ‘Sketch’ White as Studio Manager for Company Video and Podcast


SILICON SLOPES, Utah–()–In a move to raise the bar on high quality video content in the crypto technology realm, Crypto currency leader SafeMoon today announced the appointment of Jonathan “Sketch” White as Studio Manager and head of Video Production.

White joins SafeMoon on the heels of 20 years’ experience as Studio Manager of Goal Line Productions (the largest sound stage in Northern California) for Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach John Madden, who passed away in December 2021. Madden was one of the youngest professional coaches in history when he joined the Oakland Raiders in 1969 at age 32 and amassed a career record of 100 wins. Since 2008, Madden achieved perhaps even higher success as a pro football analyst for NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS and as a leadership expert.

As Studio Manager for Goal Line Productions, Jonathan White has made the visual communications of Madden’s leadership messages equal to the magic of the Madden persona itself.

Said Madden about Sketch in June 2021, “There is no job too big or too small…when something needs to be done around our company, the first reaction is usually, ‘Get Sketch.’”

At SafeMoon, Sketch assumes responsibility for the expanding production of the company’s video content including SafeMoon podcasts and all varieties of educational production.

Says VP Operations Josh Chilcutt: “We are extremely excited to welcome someone of such significant talent and experience to the SafeMoon team.”

“Sketch is with us today, in fact, as he documents the Utah CEO of the Year acknowledgement of our CEO John Karony, allowing us to communicate all of SafeMoon’s developments more richly and deeply through the creation of excellent video content,” Chilcutt adds.

“We are honored to welcome Sketch to the SafeMoon team and look forward to leveraging the tremendous talents he brings,” added CEO John Karony.

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a human-focused and privately held technology company headquartered in Utah with a secondary presence in the U.K. SafeMoon introduced its unique protocol and vision in early 2021, quickly rising to support an audience of multiple million participants (the #SAFEMOONARMY) by January 2022. SafeMoon’s longer-term goal is the advancement of its Defi products and services into an ecosystem that makes the blockchain’s power available to a much broader community, and to include the power of this vast community to support and advance new sustainable technologies in a model of Venture Philanthropy, to create and propel innovations for good while also producing a profit and a sustainable model for growth. For more information, readers can visit

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