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DUBLIN–()–The “Internet’s Next Revolution – Can Web 3.0 Unlock Decentralized and Intelligent Internet?” report has been added to’s offering.

This report highlights the current state of play and the future potential of web 3.0 networks in driving decentralized and user-controlled internet access across various domains, which is anticipated to unlock new possibilities for enterprises across industries such as financial services, gaming & sports, media & entertainment, retail, and technology, among others.

Web 3.0 is the third iteration of the internet that promises blockchain-powered decentralization and token-based economics designed to wrest the control of user data from the big tech and provide a user-centric and context-intelligent internet.

If web 3.0 vision is realized, it has the potential to address the most common challenges of the current internet era such as data privacy and ownership to create a new version of the creators’ economy. However, web 3.0 has a long way to go to produce a new technology with the functionality, reliability, and scale needed to disrupt the internet.

Web 3.0 overview and high impact industries, ecosystem players, and big companies in each industry embracing web 3.0 and its ecosystem trends, the buzz created in the media, VC investment trends, examples related to the implementation of web 3.0 applications in financial services, gaming & sports, media & entertainment, retail, technology, supply chain & logistics, healthcare, and apparel, trends in patent filings and grants, factors driving and challenging the implementation of web 3.0, regulatory scenario, and the future potential of web 3.0 to generate next-generation applications.


  • Technology Decoding: presents the rise of web 3.0 as the third generation of internet, definition and internet architecture, industry segmentation, prominent use cases, and active enterprises
  • Media & Trend Analysis: highlights the presentation of web 3.0 from the media perspective – major news and lauds from social media promoting the technology. It also includes mentions of web 3.0 in company annual filings and hiring trends.
  • Investment Radar: outlines the total investment trends, venture capital investment trends, leading investors, corporate investors and investees, prominent M&A initiatives, and notable startup accelerators
  • Innovation Explorer: introduces game-changing company innovations with a spotlight on startups. Select corporate partnerships inclined at future product developments
  • IP Landscaping: provides a broad-level analysis of the trends in patent filings and grants, technology leaders, filing trends by technology and industry, priority countries, and some interesting patents in the web 3.0 technology and application development.
  • The Road Ahead: summarizes the drivers and challenges, strategies to address challenges, regulatory landscape, the impact of web 3.0 on business models and new concepts emerging as a result, and outlook

Key Topics Covered:

1. Technology Decoding: Key Drivers, Definition, Evolution of the Internet and Its Architecture, Web 2.0 Vs Web 3.0, Key Applications and Industry Segmentation , Active Players

2. Media & Trend Analysis: Popular News Publications, Thought Leadership, Social Media Traction, Mentions in Company Filings, and Key Hiring Trends

3. Investment Radar: VC Investment Trends by Value, Volume, and Geography, Leading Investors, Corporate Investors and Investees, Prominent M&A, Startup Accelerators

4. Innovation Explorer: Key Web 3.0 Use Cases, Strategic Partnerships to Accelerate the Web 3.0-Enabled Products and Services

5. IP Landscaping: Trends in Patent Filings & Grants, Top Patent Filers, Key Filing Trends by Industries, and Interesting Patents

6. The Road Ahead: Drivers and Challenges, Strategies to Address Challenges, Major Regulations, Emerging Concepts, Potential Use Cases for Business Leaders, and Outlook

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