Content Creators Can Soon Generate NFTs Instantly From Alteon With Groundbreaking New Publishing Tool


MIAMI–()–, an all-in-one hub for professional content creators, is announcing Alteon Publisher, a new tool that will allow its users to create and publish NFTs in real-time. The move positions Alteon as the first content-management system designed to publish directly to blockchains.

Just in time to celebrate Miami NFT Week, the announcement showcases Alteon users’ ability to monetize and distribute their work across the web without having to download assets, navigate file formats or research marketplaces.

The Alteon team has already begun publishing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain—with plans to support Polygon, Flow and Solana in the future—for content creators participating in a private beta trial. Once open to the public, Alteon Publisher will allow creatives, from their Alteon dashboard, to create NFTs that become available on marketplaces such as OpenSea. As well, the tool will allow users to publish their work traditionally to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

“For professional creatives, the dream is to make a living doing what you love. We want to help simplify their workflows, since much of it can be converted using modern and Web3 technologies,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon. “By streamlining the publishing and distribution process, Alteon has truly become the end-to-end solution for content creators, closing the loop from ideation to end product.”

The cycle begins with Alteon’s camera-to-cloud technology, created in partnership with Teradek, which reduces friction in the production process. Once in Alteon Cloud, assets can be edited using the Alteon extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, shared with colleagues, reviewed by clients and archived indefinitely.

“NFT file sizes are limited by today’s blockchain technology,” said Yusuf Ozturk, CTO of Alteon. “They are limited due to the cost of minting, hampering the quality and size of files, especially for high-fidelity content, which is now generated in terabytes. Alteon allows creators to break through these barriers by storing the high fidelity content on IPFS, a distributed file management platform, and pointing NFTs to the high-fidelity content.”

Leveraging these and additional Web3 technologies, Alteon Cloud democratizes enterprise-grade technology, scaling it to be affordable and convenient for independent creatives and production companies of all sizes. With Alteon, users can consolidate their workflows by reducing the number of applications, logins and devices needed to get work done.

For larger organizations, a scaled-up version of the product, called Alteon Enterprise Publisher, will be available on the media supply-chain platform VidiNet for direct integration with Vidispine. The first tool of its kind on the platform, Alteon Enterprise Publisher will unlock the freedom to publish NFTs in real-time for companies using Vidispine to manage their digital assets.

About Alteon

Alteon is a SaaS platform that makes it easier for creatives, brands and studios to work together. By leveraging Web3 technologies, this comprehensive production ecosystem tackles key pain points for production professionals by helping users collaborate seamlessly, work more efficiently and organize assets more intuitively. Alteon is a subsidiary of Third Summit. For more, visit

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