Gravity Launches 2nd CBT of Ragnarok V: Returns, New 3D MMORPG, in Oceania


SEOUL, South Korea–()–Gravity Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRVY), a global game company, will start the second CBT for a new 3D MMORPG, Ragnarok V: Returns, in Oceania on April 6.

Ragnarok V: Returns, a multi-platform MMORPG, is the sequel to ‘Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising,’ which has been played by more than five million global users. In addition to the attractive aesthetics unique to Ragnarok, this game will feature a high level of freedom for players.

After the first CBT held over one week from February 16, users expressed satisfaction with the game by commenting, “This game is the closest to Ragnarok Online,” “It brought back old memories throughout the CBT,” and “I enjoyed this game because it had many cute and adorable costumes.”

The second CBT of Ragnarok V: Returns will target Oceania users and be held from 1:00 p.m. on April 6 to 1:00 p.m. on April 12 (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Unlike the first CBT held for mobile users only, the second CBT can be enjoyed on not only a mobile version for Android and iPhone devices, but also on a PC version. During the CBT period, a variety of benefits will be provided to users during two events. The first event, “Show off Your Character”, will invite users to take screenshots of their characters and post them on social media. The second event, “Second CBT Questionnaire Survey”, is a survey to gather feedback from the users.

For the second CBT, the game has been updated through balance adjustment, playtime improvement, debugging, trial content improvement, and more based on user feedback from the first CBT. Being the last CBT, users participating in the CBT will be able to enjoy playing the game even more prior to its official launch.

A Gravity official said, “We prepared the 2nd CBT for users to enjoy the game even longer before the games’ official launch in April. As this is the last CBT before the launch, we ask for users to participate, as we are committed to updating the game until the very last minute based on users’ opinions from the second CBT.”

Detailed information about the Ragnarok V: Returns CBT, including version, download and schedule, is available on the Ragnarok V: Returns Facebook page (

Since March 16, Gravity has been receiving pre-registrations for Ragnarok V: Returns from the Ragnarok V: Returns pre-registration page ( as well as from Google Play and Apple App Store.

[Official Website of Gravity]

[Ragnarok V: Returns Facebook Page]

[Ragnarok V: Returns Pre-registration Page]

[Ragnarok V: Returns Steam Page]

About Gravity

Established in Korea in April 2000, Gravity is a global game company that is directly listed on the NASDAQ. As of June 30, 2021, the cumulative global accounts of the Ragnarok IP, Gravity’s representative IP, exceeded approximately 120 million. In addition, Ragnarok has been selected as the “second most loved Korean game overseas” consecutively over the last three years (Global Hallyu Trends 2021).

Gravity has established a powerful global network comprising of Gravity Neocyon (Korea), a subsidiary, as well as Gravity Communications (Taiwan), Gravity Game Link (Indonesia), Gravity Interactive (U.S.), Gravity Game Arise (Japan), Gravity Game Tech (Thailand), Gravity Game Hub (Singapore), and Gravity Game Vision (Hong Kong), the overseas branches. Together with its branches, Gravity is broadening its recognition and influence across the world by promoting global publishing businesses to discover and distribute a range of platforms and genre games in addition to games using the Ragnarok IP. The company is also accelerating not only the Ragnarok merchandise business, but also the content business, such as animation, IPTV, and webcomics, by collaborating with a number of brands.

– Key Titles

“Ragnarok Online (launched in 2002),” a PC MMORPG, and “Ragnarok M,” “Ragnarok Origin,” “Ragnarok X: Next Generation,” “Ragnarok: Labyrinth,” and “Ragnarok: Poring Merge,” the mobile MMORPGs

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