Los Angeles-Based Medici XD Announces New Corporate Headquarters in Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn.–()–Medici XD, based in Los Angeles with a media division formerly known as “Mousetrappe”, announced today that it selected Nashville as the location for building its new Corporate Headquarters to supplement its Los Angeles/Hollywood creative studio. The company is investing more than $7 million in the new facility with an additional planned $30 million in coming years.

Medici XD (“Experience Development”) is the new venture of Mousetrappe founder Daren Ulmer and fellow industry leader and Animax Designs founder, Chuck Fawcett. Both are legendary themed entertainment entrepreneurs whose previous ventures shared a global portfolio of the most recognizable theme park clients. Nathan Jones, an equally well-known and respected theme park and entertainment executive, is the company’s CEO, who states, “This new facility will accommodate not only future growth for the Medici business lines but will also meet immediate needs for current work that has developed since the company launched in 2021. We can now expand what we do in California while adding the new headquarters, R&D lab, and Medici Machines division in Nashville.”

Medici XD utilizes five core product and service lines – media, machines, interactive, theatrical, and labs – to create solutions where physical rides and digital content enrich each other. Built together as an experience delivery platform, its products integrate to deliver one-of-a-kind real time dynamic solutions.

According to Fawcett, who also currently serves as International President of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), “Medici XD is a company that works with storytellers and designers, theme park developers and entertainment brands to tailor a multi-disciplinary solution to fit their project. From zoos and aquariums to theme parks, museums and retail-dining establishments, we know exactly how to make memorable moments and experiences that our clients can be proud of – and profit from.”

“The new Medici Machines unit will focus on design and manufacturing of the next generation of media-based, interactive motion simulators and rides for our global clients,” Ulmer said. “The majority of our team have decades of experience working with creative partners within the location-based entertainment industry to develop and deliver their entertainment concepts, so it’s a perfect fit.”

Medici XD plans to hire 30 highly skilled workers for its new Nashville facility while developing and further expanding its California-based creative, media, theatrical and interactive capabilities and staff.

For more information about Medici XD, visit www.MediciXD.com.

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