Latest Addition to AUVS’ UV Disinfection Line is Ideal for Student and Staff Protection in Schools, as well as for Companies Bringing Employees Back to the Office


ATLANTA–()–Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS), one of the nation’s leading providers of UV-C disinfection products used in Healthcare, Law Enforcement, and general markets, has announced the latest addition to its line: The large capacity UV Cube XL.

The UV Cube XL joins the UV Cube CL in AUVS’ high-capacity device disinfection line. Both are ideal for larger items and higher through-put. The simplified UV Cube XL uses a push-button interface in lieu of the UV Cube CL’s onboard computer. According to AUVS CEO Jim Psihas, the ease of use and capacity make it an ideal solution for the education market.

“With the UV Cube XL, we are delivering a third-party-confirmed disinfection rate of up to 99.999% ( in an easy-to-use system with a capacity to disinfect up to 16 Chromebook-sized laptops in a single 90-second cycle,” says Psihas. “By bringing the leading UV-C Disinfection system used in Healthcare to Education and General Business, we are meeting a critical need at a critical time.”

Both UV Cube versions offer 13-square-feet of disinfections space with a 31” x 31” x 31” chamber used to disinfect large devices including laptops, backpacks, handbags, keyboards, RF devices and shared tools. It also delivers higher through-put for smaller handheld items such as phones and tablets. Both UV Cube’s feature an integrated industrial-quality transport cart that make sharing among departments easier. The integrated cart also offers PPE storage capacity on the easy-to-access bottom shelf.

Up to 99.999% Disinfection in Seconds

The UV Cube line, and the original AUVS UV Box countertop system, rely on AUVS’ patented application of germicidal UV-C (254 nm) energy developed by company CTO, Dr. Wayne Clark, for the US Department of Defense. That technology has been protecting the US Pentagon from Bio-Terrorism since shortly after the post-911 anthrax attacks.

The UV Cube and The UV Box have been proven by independent Virus and FDA consulting labs to provide up to 99.999% disinfection of Human Coronavirus, C.diff spores, MRSA, Norovirus and other infectious contaminants on a variety of surfaces.

AUVS systems are currently in use throughout more than 700 Hospitals and Hospital Groups as well as Law Enforcement, EMS environments, Physician’s Offices, Dental Practices, Retail and Food Processing.

For a Price Quote or further information visit or contact AUVS Vice-President of Marketing Dave Rector at 201-406-9471 or via email at

About Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems

Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS), an American company headquartered in Virginia, was established to leverage the benefits of UV-C in infection prevention.

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