SmartNICs Summit Helps Designers Build Faster Networks


SAN DIEGO–()–SmartNICs Offload Protocols and Accelerate Common Tasks

The new SmartNICs Summit helps designers speed up networks without doing a major redesign. SmartNICs can analyze protocols, offloading everything from TCP through advanced features. They can also perform common tasks such as encryption, storage transfers, and compression. They can even do security work such as deep packet inspection. And all the designer must do is replace standard NICs with SmartNICs.

SmartNICs Summit covers architectures, software platforms, and data center applications. Its pre-conference day offers introductions to SmartNICs and the P4 network programming language. Expert panels discuss architectures, development platforms, likely breakthroughs, and long-term trends. An exhibit area shows the latest products from industry leaders.

“SmartNICs offload work from CPUs, removing bottlenecks,“ said Chuck Sobey, Summit Conference Chairperson. “This approach both avoids expensive redesigns and increases scalability. Besides, if a SmartNIC is handling protocols or security, changes can be made in software.”

To discuss exhibiting, contact:

Elizabeth Leventhal, Exhibit Sales Manager


To ask about the program, contact:

Lance Leventhal, Program Chairperson


About SmartNICs Summit

SmartNICs Summit showcases the emerging SmartNIC market. It features the trends and people leading the adoption of SmartNICs in enterprise data centers and clouds. The Summit is a product of Semper Technologies.

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